Our projects speak about us like we speak about them


Yntegra2 is a services company created to offer quality services at a fair price.
Combining the best software Open Source and recognized commercial software along with the optimization of our internal processes, saving our direct structure cost and thanks to our expert services, we can offer solutions with an excellent price / quality ratio and tailored to each of our customers.



Born in 2013, with the objective of ​​creating a company specialized and focused on technological solutions with the less acquisition cost  possible (Open Source), with an optimized structure and organization to get the best final price to our customers and in order to give the required custom deep expertise, flexibility, speed,…. that large multinational service companies can not offer due its size.
 We know that each client and project is different and deserves a personalized dedication.
 Our teams are composed of experts in each of the technologies and products that we offer, this is the only way to guarantee excellence in our projects and services.

Business Meeting

We develop projects in companies of different sizes and sectors such as:



Cloud services designed to be reliable, fast and designed to pay just the consumed


What we offer

Our services are developed and tuned continuously thanks to the improvements and the new processes and functionalities that our customers request us. We currently have the following services available, on premise or cloud,  in our portfolio:



B2B electronic communication safe and effective between customers and suppliers following the standards of the market. A service designed for companies that do not have a sufficient infrastructure, unwilling to invest in to have own EDI system or do not want integrated it in their IT Systems.

Our Partners

Is a leader XML development software company, Its software is widely used by more than 4 million users and more than 100,000 companies globally, including 91% of all Fortune 500 companies. The Altova tools accelerate application development projects and data management software and solutions that enhance productivity and maximize results.


The worldwide best and premium OFTP2 Server product that offers a rich set of unique features. Depending on your needs, OS4X is highly configurable and customizable. Benefit from our superior technology, based on finest programming and design skills, easy to configure and customize


Give the maximum security guarantee and not having rejections on the signature acts by electronic devices
A unique way of signature on which the emisor and receptor will be able to decide the signature method best suited for their needs and even combine them


OpenKm is an informatic aplication for documents managment of easy use and economic. Developed 100% on software Open Source that integrates power, innovation and security. A new way of sharing and managing your documents.


Products with which we usually work and recommend

Products mainly Open Source, modern, tested and benchmarks in the market, which facilitate the total independence of our customers from the integrators or softwares companies



OpenKM is a open source content management system; developed in Java, designed to collaborate and manage documentation, workflows and information on an enterprise scale in a more efficient way. Compatible with Windows, Linux and other systems


Talend’s “data Tool” unified approach to solving data integration and data integrity challenges across hybrid and multi-cloud environments for a full range of IT and business roles. Talend  believe that vision of a unified, comprehensive data integration approach is why Gartner positioned Talend in the Leaders quadrant for the 4th year in a row.


WSO2 Identity Server helps you do single sign-on and identity federation backed by strong and adaptive authentication, securely expose APIs, and manage identities by connecting to heterogeneous user stores.
It comprises of a cloud native API gateway and provides a Kubernetes operator for easily converting raw microservices into managed APIs. API Manager integrates with service meshes and provides a full fledged management plane and control plane for managing, monitoring and monetizing APIs and API products.


Used by thousands of organizations around the world, it is open, intuitive and cloud-native. Canvas from  Instructure manufacturer offers all the digital and content creation tools that companies need to create a more intuitive and connected learning experience. This learning management platform enables companies to build a digital learning environment that meets training requirements. Canvas eliminates the headaches associated with supporting and developing traditional teaching technologies.


Nextcloud is the most deployed Open Source software on-premises file share and collaboration platform. Access & collaborate across your devices. Your data remains under your control. Nextcloud offers the industry-leading, on-premises content collaboration platform.
Nextcloud technology combines the convenience and ease of use of consumer-grade solutions like Dropbox and Google Drive with the security, privacy and control business needs. Millions of users worldwide use this Premium collaborative platform.


Fixed price projects using our agile methodology, competitive prices and accurate assessment are our keys of success. The complexity is our greatest motivation.


Technology Consulting

How we do it

Our professionals teams, with extensive experience using agile methodologies and working with current and innovative technologies, perform closed projects for our customers, minimizing risks, fulfilling with the customers requirements and contributing whenever possible with added value.

 Examples of more general projects:


  • Communication devices with different operating systems

  • Implementation of open source software instead a commercial software

  • Development of complex IT  interfases

  • IT Systems Optimization

  • B2B Data Exchange

  • Migration of EDI platforms

  • Integration, interconnection and interoperability of data exchange between systems, machines and users (M2M)

  • Physical data center to cloud migration


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